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Time Zones in Korrio

Korrio events automatically display your local time zone or the time zone your computer is set to.  If you have exported your calendar to your phone it will also automatically update the time zone.  

We understand that youth sports doesn’t always occur in the same time zone that you live. Travel and premier teams play games and tournaments across the country. Many parents travel for work, or may be on vacation checking the schedule of upcoming games, practices and other events. We provide this post as a tool for you to help answer member questions regarding time zones in Korrio.

Korrio events automatically displays in your local time zone, similar to other commercial calendaring systems such as Outlook, Google and Yahoo. The system automatically recognizes the time zone set for the computer you are using to log into Korrio. Please note that if you set your computer to remain in your home time zone, Korrio events will also display in your home time zone.

How it Works?

Always enter event times in your calendar to reflect the local time zone of where you are (or what location your computer is set to). You will need to take into consideration the time difference (if applicable) of where the event is taking place.

  • Example 1: You live in Seattle and your time zone is Pacific Standard Time (PST). You are traveling to New York to play a game for a 3pm kickoff in Eastern Standard Time (EST), which is a time zone three hours ahead of you. You need to enter 12pm PST in your events calendar while you are in Seattle. Then when you land in New York and your computer updates to EST, your 12pm PST kickoff will update to a 3pm EST kickoff.
  • Example 2: I am a team manager who lives in Seattle (PST) but I am away on business in New York (EST). I need to enter games for a tournament located in Seattle for my team. In this case I would enter games in New York time. For a 9am Seattle kickoff I would enter 12pm EST in the calendar.  That way I will see the kickoff in New York time and my team will see it in Seattle time. When I return to Seattle and my computer syncs to PST the start times will change accordingly.
  • Example 3: I live in Seattle but am away on business in NYC. I did not bring a computer with me and am using the computer in the hotel to create the schedule for a tournament in Seattle. A 9am kickoff in PST is a 12pm EST kickoff. I enter the games in EST so that when I return to Seattle and pull up the games on my computer the kickoffs will update to PST. This is the same scenario as above.

Export Events to iPhone: If you export events to an iPhone, all times will show up in the local time zones for each group or person.

  • For example, if your local time zone is Pacific Standard Time and you are traveling to Arizona to play a game for a 3pm kickoff, enter 2pm Pacific Time in your events calendar. Then when you are in Arizona and you pull up your iPhone calendar your event will correctly show as 3pm Mountain Time.

*NOTE your iPhone date and time is not synced with the iPhone calendar date and time, you will need to update these yourself. Your iPhone Date and Time will automatically adjust for the time zone change when you travel, but your iPhone Calendar’s Time Zone Support will not change even when you travel out of your normal time zone.

Instructions for your iPhone:


  • Go to your SETTINGS icon
  • Make sure Time Zone Support is set to OFF
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