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Desktop—Administering your Fans

As a parent, once you have invited people to follow your children, you have the ability to view your fans' status or remove them from following. To check on the status of your fan invites or administer those that are currently following your children take the following steps or view this quick video:


  • Log in to your account by going to
  • Access the left navigation menu option titled 'Fans'
  • Once in your Fans page choose either the Followers or Following tab 
    • For those who are Followers of your children:
      • To Remove the Fan from following your child select the Screen_Shot_2014-10-02_at_11.24.50_AM.png icon
      • To Resend or Delete an invitation to a pending Fan choose either "Delete" or "Resend"


    • For those you are Following:
      • Under the Following tab you can choose to unfollow a child you are currently following by selecting the Screen_Shot_2014-10-02_at_11.24.50_AM.png icon in the upper right corner


For more information on what it means to be a Fan.  

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