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NEW Feature: Reminders

Creating reminders can help you organize events and provide a better experience for all involved. With Korrio's new reminder feature, you now have the ability to create reminders for your household or team with the release of Korrio's new Reminders feature.


To keep everyone in the loop with upcoming events, follow the simple instructions below.

Once events exist on your schedule, you can add reminders. In the upper right corner of the event details page you will see a Screen_Shot_2014-08-28_at_11.08.01_AM.png icon. By clicking on this icon, you can add event reminders for the members of your household or team. 

In order to create reminders for household events, you must be a part of a household. Learn how to create a household and add events to your household schedule.

Note: Only coaches, managers and assistant coaches can send reminders at the team level. In Households, reminders can be sent from adults to children and vice versa.


  • Choose 'Add Reminder' 

When creating the event reminder you can specify:

  • The people the reminder is for (Household or Team members)
  • The message or reminder 
  • The time increment before the event in which the reminder will be sent


  • Once an event has an associated reminder you will then see it rendered on the event details page as a number on the bell icon. 


  • You can then tap the bell icon and edit or delete the reminder from this window

Once you have set your reminders, those that have been tagged in the reminder will receive an email notification with the contents of the reminder at the time increment you set prior to the event.

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