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Korrio has released a new feature in which users have control over their email unsubscribe settings. We have given our users this ability to help eliminate people accidentally unsubscribing from important messages from their club and team. This feature was also added to provide the user with more power to manage their communication settings, including re-subscribing themselves if they were accidentally unsubscribed, so sports organization administrators don't have to manage the process on behalf of their members. 

To manage your account notification settings, login to your account at

  • Once at your dashboard, click on the tab titled "Account" on the left hand menu.
  • Then access your account settings, by clicking the tab titled "Settings" at the top right hand corner.
  • Under the Alerts and Notifications section you will see the ability to edit your Email Notifications settings.


  • If you are currently unsubscribed, you will see the message depicted above.
  • After clicking the edit button you will see the following screen.


  • If you are currently unsubscribed, you can remove yourself from the unsubscribe list by unchecking the box and clicking save.
    • NOTE: If you do choose to be taken off our unsubscribe list, you need to make sure your email notification preferences, see the two check boxes above, are set as well.
  • If you would like to be unsubscribed from all team and sports organizations email communications, then check the box and hit save.
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