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Welcome to the Important Info for Admins Forum

Hello valued Korrio customers!

As you may have read in our intro to the Support Community email last Friday, we are very excited to share this new Support Forum with you.

About the Important Info for Admins forum:

You are subscribed to the Important Info for Admins forum which will provide a synopsis of important Korrio updates to make sure you are 100% in-the-know when we launch product updates or release new features. 

This is your first post from the Important Info for Admins forum, and this is what you can expect moving  forward:

  • auto-generated email when we post an article to this forum
  • the article will provide a recap of new features, updates or changes in the system
  • these emails will be no more than a couple times a month
  • we'll provide you the info that you need to share with your members to ensure everyone has a rich experience with Korrio

You also have a support community account!

We provide articles on best practices and helpful tips so that you can learn how to configure our system to meet the needs of your organization. When you login you can subscribe to other forums, comment or ask questions on an article, or "like" your favorite/most helpful articles.

Simply follow the instructions below to login.

  1. Click here
  2. Click login on the upper right
  3. Click (Help! I don’t know what to enter here!) under Password
  4. Enter your email address (same address as the mail client you are using) and click Submit. You will receive an email that will allow you to set up a password.
  5. To subscribe to forums, simple click on the forum name and click subscribe on the upper right. This will also auto-generate an email anytime an article is added to that forum.

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Thank you for your continued partnership!

Korrio Support

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