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Reply-To Messaging, Registration Best Practices & More

This is an Important Update for Admins!


1. Best Practices for Opening Registration Video: 

2. Reply-to Korrio messages from your personal email: 

If you have your Alerts/Notifications set up to receive an email messages when someone sends you a Korrio Message, or when there is a last minute change to an event, you can use your personal mail client to reply to the message. When you receive the Korrio message in your email client, notice the "from" and "reply-to" email address of the sender. Click "reply" to the email to send an email back to the coach / manager / admin!

Click here for more info.


3. Email from Report Best Practice - Use Mail Merge: 

Did you know you can send a personalized message to each member when you use our Email from Report tool? Click here to see how. 

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