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Important Info for Admins - 7/18

Korrio has designed a much easier and more intuitive way to manage, filter and export the specific financial data you need, when you need it. 

Within the Browse Payments section, you now have one place for all of your daily Financial Management tasks. Within Browse Payments you have the ability to edit all of your transaction information, such as issuing a refund, posting a check or adding an adjustment.

Gone are the days of manual payment reconciliation.

Korrio has introduced an industry first reconciliation tool where your organization’s information is embedded into your Korrio account so you can automatically reconcile payments side by side (actually, top to bottom) on the same screen. It even includes an "Auto Reconcile" button that does all the heavy lifting for you, so you only have to spend time on the exceptions.

With two clicks of a button, all the Outstanding Balances within your Organization will appear with the options to export or communicate to specific groups or individuals based on that data.

Korrio now provides five main financial reports that allow you to view the financial data you collected during the registration process. These reports are 

- Adjustments

- Coupon Codes

- Refunds

- Siblings Discounts

- Order ID


Stay tuned for more information!

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