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Differentiation in Service Level through Korrio Mobile Application

Differentiate your organization from your competitors by providing a high level of service to your membership. How?

Korrio's Mobile App is one of a kind service and allows your Coaches, Managers, Parents and Players to communicate, schedule and manage their rosters easier than ever before.

#1: Import Practice and Game schedules to your Team and Member dashboards

Korrio enables you to upload and publish a schedule into multiple teams and individual calendars of everyone associated with the events…without them having to do anything. For your upcoming practice and games, import those events and improve your members experience with your organization.

View our guide for more information.

#2: Raise Awareness

Make sure your Coaches, Managers, Parents and Players are benefiting from the great features Korrio provides by communicating and educating your membership!

How can you raise awareness?

  • Post a blog article or create an image on your website!
  • Send out a blast communication! See below:

Attached are two email templates; one for your Coaches and Managers and another for your Parents and Players.

Steps below:

1. Revise the templates to suit your Organization

2. Use our Communication Tool to create your Distribution List (**Don't forget to override the Unsubscribes!)

3. Copy and paste the template verbiage into the body of the Compose email

4. Send!




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