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Important for Admins - 9/11

Now that registrations are complete it is time to enter schedules and communicate to your membership. Check out our most recent Korrio upgrades to assist you in this process:


Step 1: Import your Teams’ Schedules

3 step process: Upload, Review, Publish. 

Korrio allows you to upload and publish a schedule into the team and individual dashboard calendars of everyone associated with the events…without them having to do anything.

The work of one benefits many! View our Schedule Import guide for more information.


Step 2: Communicate to your Members

Once you have imported these schedules on to the Team Pages, communicate to your members to let them know! To ensure that ALL of your members receive these communications, use our new Unsubscribe Override capability in the Communications Tool.


Step 3: Have your members RSVP for Events

Korrio now enables a Parent, Player, Coach and Manager to RSVP to any event that is on their Team schedule as well as view the status of attendees.

To view more about how the Event RSVP works, view our article titled Team Events – RSVP.

FYI - Additional updates to the platform:

  • We have removed the ‘Reports’ tab on the left navigation of a Program as specific program data can be accessed via the Admin Navigator.
  • We have released the ability to Add Additional Adults to child accounts in the hands of the End User. If your families are looking to connect another parent to their kids, please send them this guide: Invite an Adult
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