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Importance of Sending Surveys to the Participants

Customer satisfaction surveys are used by companies to help identify unhappy customers, develop new offerings and find potential advocates.

When providing a service, it is important to constantly assess the experiences of your customers. Reflecting on these experiences is an essential part of keeping your customers happy, and increase the likelihood of customer retention. Most importantly, these happy customers have the potential to become the unofficial ambassadors of your organization.

Why Customer Surveys are important:

  1. Customer Loyalty: help the club in identifying its own strengths and weaknesses and what makes the registrants keep coming back.

  2. Customer Satisfaction: help the club increase their registrants’ satisfaction by ensuring that no one has any outstanding issues or complaints. If the club listens and implements changes based on customer feedback, it makes customers feel like a true partner.

  3. Spotting Trends: allows the club to spot trends in participants’ feedback or potential new ideas for improving current offerings and process.

A good customer satisfaction survey will typically have 5-10 questions that will relate to the customers overall experience with the organization, staff and areas of further improvement. Since everyone is so busy these days,  defining how little time it takes them to complete the survey will increase the response rate. (i.e. 3-5 minutes of your time)

You can also create individual surveys for parents, players, coaches and managers in order to address the concerns of each category of participants.

Will these surveys cost you money? The answer is no.

You can now create free surveys through web offerings such as Survey Monkey, which offers entry level capabilities on their free plan or Google Drive which allows you to create a form.

What should be included in your survey?

Common Customer Satisfaction Survey questions include:

  1. Are your kids having fun? Yes or No

  2. Overall, are you satisfied with your experience with [X club]?  (use 1 to 5, or 1 to 10 rating system)

  3. What do you like most about participating in our sports organization?

  4. What do you like least about participating in our sports organization?

  5. What changes would most improve services and enhance your experience with our organization?

  6. Please rate communication within our organization – 1 to 10 (10 being best)

  7. How easy was it to register your kids through our online registration process?

  8. How responsive is our organization to your requests?

  9. Open comments?

Use Korrio to send out the survey.

Korrio acts as your member database by containing all contact information for your membership. Use Korrio’s Bulk Communication tool to quickly build your distribution list, create your content and communicate to your membership.


What should you do with results?

Once results are tabulated, be sure to share with your Board and staff. During your next meeting, you can discuss any action items or take-aways from the survey results. If you make a positive change based on survey results, be sure to share that with your community (“Hey, we listened and made this change”).

Using real world data and metrics for social media posts is a great way to build virality around your brand. You can also post quotes gained from your survey effort to highlight happy customers.

When surveying your customers, make sure that the surveys are short, detailed and to the point. Your customers will appreciate the survey - and with the information gathered, your sports organization will continue to improve. Remember, the end goal is customer loyalty which will contribute to managing a successful sports organization.


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