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Importance of Branding Your Club

Does your club, team or town have a brand?

Building a successful and reputable sports organization is about more than just wins and losses. Branding and marketing are key elements in any successful organization’s game plan. Successful branding enables the consumer, member or user to feel connected to an organization and its vision. Well executed branding creates loyalty that can translate to word of mouth promotion and thus continued success. 

What is a brand?

A brand defines the identity of a company and differentiates it from other organizations. It can be expressed through a name, term, sign, symbol, design or combination of these elements.

Brand also personifies the company or product philosophy, aligning it to its key constituencies – customers, staff, partners, investors and the wider community.

Benefits of Building a Brand:

  1. Branding can be the powerful first step towards securing membership and visibility.

  2. Branding can help improve and grow an organization through increased membership, community support and financial resources.

  3. A strong brand can also help in recruiting the best volunteers, staff members and players for the club.

How to Build a Brand:

  1. Start by determining your mission and values.

  2. Brainstorm your marketing, communications and financial objectives and identify what sets you apart from competitors.

It is helpful to answer the following questions regarding your club:

Are you a highly competitive club or recreational?

Focused on education and skills or committed to winning?

Known for your commitment to social service, strong parent involvement, teaching or stellar sportsmanship?

What strengths do you want to emphasize?

  1. Identify your top three goals and then align your branding campaign with these aims.

  2. Don’t allow your team to get distracted with efforts and ideas that are not in-line with your core organizational goals

  3. Once you know who you are, create a Brand Guide for everyone in your organization– coaches, managers, parent volunteers, even players. Your message must be consistent, from the top down; everyone must tell the same story.

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  • Fully customizable page layout
  • Customizable header and footer 
  • Customizable menu
  • Variety of widgets (image, YouTube, Google Maps, Social media feeds, free form HTML, etc.)
  • Full color palette

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What’s in your Brand Guide?

This is a marketing toolbox that contains – at the basic level – the following: a logo design, design and font choices, your colors, your mission statement and your “Elevator Speech,” the 15-second explanation everyone in your club will give when asked what your organization is about. Everyone on your team should champion your brand.

Your brand is also expressed through your teams' appearance, from the coaches to the players. Assess your uniforms, bags, coach jerseys and even balls to present a cohesive look.

Important points to consider while building a Brand:

  1. Make sure people can easily find your organization online with a well-designed and current website. Korrio provides a website template that you can personalize and authenticate. Here is a Korrio guide which details the Webhosting Set up Instructions.

  2. Next to consider is the registration process for your club. If you’re hanging on to an unwieldy process that requires parents to sign up in-person or mail forms, you could be driving less-committed parents and players away. This is where automation can be extremely useful. That’s where Korrio can help to set up a one stop shop for the organization’s business. Please refer to the guide for Registration Program Set up and Setting up Automatic Payment Plan for more information.

  3. Once you have done this, it’s important that you ensure that the same branding message is identified in communications to your members. Make sure that in every communication, the brand logo is incorporated in the message. Please refer to the guide here for messaging a group using Bulk E-mail.

  4. Have your coaches and managers communicate with parents, in order to keep them connected. With the technology we have available through Korrio’s mobile app– it’s easier than ever to stay connected and communicate with players and parents.

  5. Also make sure that your website is updated with latest news and press releases related to your club. The Club’s Website is how you are represented to the world and it is important that it contains the same message as your brand guide, has up to date news/information on registration process and updated list of the sponsors and club’s brand logo.


Remember, building, maintaining and growing a successful organization or club is a perpetual effort.  Establishing a strong brand can help ease some of these challenges.

Below is a Best Practice checklist for a well branded website:

  • Your Logo and colors

  • Events Calendar

  • Contact Information

  • Registration and Season Timeframes

  • Information on how to register

  • Photo Gallery

  • Information on Volunteer and Sponsorship Opportunities

  • News Updates

  • About Us

  • Mission Statement

  • Coaching Staff Bios

  • Sponsor Recognition

  • Coaching Tips

  • Policies

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