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New Korrio Reporting Coming Soon!

New Korrio Reporting Coming Soon!

Korrio will be rolling out a new, more intuitive reporting system in the coming week. We have adjusted our current reports to be easier and more effective in gathering data on your club. The new set up will allow you to collect information on the following report types:

  • Contact Reports
  • Team Member Reports
  • Team Data Reports
  • Program Reports
  • Governing Body
  • Player Counts
  • Adjustment Contact Report

New Reports Library

We have added the ability for you to save specific reports you have run so you can easily replicate and use them again in the future. These reports will be saved in your own personal reports library.

Legacy Reports

Although we encourage our administrators to adopt the new reporting system, because of its usability and data fetching improvements, we are going to make the transition seamless. We know that the current reports are valuable to our users, so we will keep them in the new tab called the Legacy Reports while we slowly phase them out. 

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