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Customer Retention

Customer Retention

A major part of the success of any business is dependent on the relationships you build with current customers. Because of this, customer retention plans should be enacted and the necessary steps taken to make sure your customers are happy with your product or service. By creating happy customers, they are more likely to be repeat customers as well as promote your organization through word of mouth.


The following are ideas to consider when building towards a solid base of loyal customers:

  • Develop a strong brand
    • Your mission, values and goals should be clear to those both in and outside of your organization
    • Customers want to connect with your organization and feel like they believe in what you stand for
  • Build Strong Relationships
    • Know your customer- Using their names and being aware of their needs is crucial and adds a personal touch
    • Invest in their success— make sure your customers know you want them to succeed
    • Create a customer service oriented culture— your customers need to know they can get help
  • Stay Connected
    • Follow up- send surveys and check in with your customers
    • Humanize your brand by interacting and engaging in social media channels
    • Give them a heads up- inform your customers of changes

In order to make sure your customers feel valued and continue their association with your brand, it is imperative to consider and enact customer retention strategies.  By ensuring your customers’ satisfaction they will be more inclined to be your advocates and thus help continue the growth and success of your organization.  

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