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Google Analytics Update

This is an announcement that concerns only customers that are utilizing Google Analytics within their organization's Korrio account.

To see if you are using Google Analytics with Korrio go to the Club drop down, to the Club Settings and to the tab titled 'General.' If you are, a Google Analytics ID will be entered. 


Korrio will be upgrading its version of the Google Analytics application from Classic Google Analytics to Universal Analytics. This upgrade will allow us to run the most current version of Google Analytics.


As a result, if you are currently using Google Analytics on your organization's Korrio account, we advise you to upgrade your account from Classic Google Analytics to Universal Analytics if you have not done so already. This upgrade will ensure that your data will continue to track correctly in your Google Analytics account from your Korrio site.


Please note that your account may have already been automatically upgraded by Google.

To find out if you have been upgraded to Universal Analytics follow the steps below:

  • Sign in to your Google Analytics account
  • Go to the Admin Page
  • Select a property from the Property drop down
  • If you are still using classic Google Analytics you will have an item in this column called Tracking Code
  • An account that has been updated to Universal Analytics will have an option called Tracking Info that includes sub-components called Tracking Code, Session Settings, Organic Search Sources, etc.
  • If you are still using classic Google Analytics then upgrade to Universal Analytics

Please visit the link below to Google’s support documentation for more information about the upgrade process for Universal Analytics.

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