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Youth Sports Sponsorships

Because of the nostalgia, passion and emotional ties surrounding sports at every level of competition, youth sports present a great opportunity to create business sponsorship relationships. By seeking out sponsors you can offer the members of your sports organization a great experience and provide those that normally may not have the ability to participate a chance to do so.

Although the fundraising and sponsorship environment can be an over saturated and daunting landscape to navigate, there are things that are crucial to keep in mind when developing and executing a sponsorship plan.

  • Develop a strong brand identity and organizational mission that potential sponsors can connect with. In doing so, it is more likely you can secure the sponsors you seek.
  • Be cognizant of what you are offering the sponsor. However successful your sports organization or team may be, it is important to clearly state how the sponsorship dollars will benefit their business.
  • The following are just some of the ways sponsoring a sports club or team will benefit the sponsor:
    • Awareness of products and services
    • Money spent is a great value
    • Community support and goodwill
    • Tax incentives

When brainstorming potential sponsors—think local. Neighborhood restaurants, sporting goods companies and businesses that parents of the club work for are all good options to approach. You can also get creative in the ways to use your sponsor’s dollars. Great examples of these are camp t-shirts, financial assistance for participants, tournament naming, and signage. You can also offer your sponsors the option to put their logo on your jerseys, have them featured on your website and participate in joint events. It is important to be creative and offer your sponsors valuable opportunities to be seen.

Securing sponsorships with businesses can help the growth and development of children’s athletic skills, influence team success, and contribute to the success of a sports organization. 

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