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Encourage Payments via ATM and Debit Cards

Korrio organizations using can now encourage their customers to use debit cards rather than credit cards during registration or when paying from their profile to realize lower processing rates. Let your club members know that they are able to pay with debit cards, which will save the club higher processing fees.

The typical credit card processing rate is 2%-2.5%, however using a debit card can offer substantial savings with a 0.75% rate for ATM or Debit cards from any of the major banks. Some prepaid, rewards, or unregulated debit cards do have higher rates.

As an example, if your sports organization offers a program with a $1,000 fee, the difference between a 0.75% debit card and a 2.5% credit card processing fee results in savings of $15 on every registration transaction for this program. These savings can be substantial over the course of the year.

There have not been any changes made to how you currently set up your programs within Korrio, the only action on your part involves communication to your members.

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